About us

Books on Bay • Savannah, GA

Betsy Hoit-Thetford

Betsy has had a lifelong love affair with books and has been selling them in Savannah for 16 years. She collects “Betsy” books (the name is in the title), the Tom Swift series, and really old books.

Richard Thetford

Richard has loved Betsy for over 30 years, and because she loves books, he does too. He is also an airfield manager and volunteers as an air-show helicopter pilot with the Army Aviation Heritage Foundation. His bookshelves are filled with vintage Masonic books.

James Campbell

James is a specialist in book acquisition and fills in at the shop when his schedule permits. His favorite author is Stephen King and he can frequently be found tucked away with a good SK paperback.

Reginald G. Raff

Reginald and his family are always available to assist you in the shop (even if you don’t realize that you’re being helped). Be sure to say hello to Regina, Dot, Wanda, Beebe and Baby, Riff and Rosie, Percy, Penny, Nicki, RoRo and Ronni, Ronald, Polly and Bart, B.D., DeeDee, 3Dee, and O’jhana when you visit. Even though GMAIL looks like it would be a natural for the G. Raffs, they haven’t found a computer with letters large enough for their “fingers” . . . so you’ll just have to come in the shop and talk to them person-to-Raff!