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Visit Nancy Drew, the Hardy Boys, and Their Friends!

At Books on Bay we SERIOUSLY love series books, and we try to have as many of them in the shop as possible. Remember curling up with a good book on a rainy day (or under the covers after you were supposed to be asleep)? What better books to curl up with than our favorite sleuths and their friends . . . and if you have a question about a series, you can email our series archivist Jarrell Dickey at series@booksonbay.com

The Girls

Nancy Drew - Of course we begin with Nancy Drew, the queen of teen detection, who remains at the top of lists as the most-read series book of all time.

Trixie Belden - Seeing life through 13-year-old Trixie Belden’s eyes and solving mysteries with her has been a mainstay of readers since the series began in 1948.

The Dana Girls - This series, written under the same pseudonym as the Nancy Drew books, features sisters who are orphans living with their aunt and uncle.

Cherry Ames - In 1943, nurses were needed in the US, and Cherry Ames, dedicated nurse, was born. The series begins with her student adventures and showcases her
in dozens of nursing-related jobs.

Judy Bolton - The Judy Bolton series is unusual because the stories follow Judy
from high school through to her marriage and beyond.

Others - Other major girl series we generally have in the shop include Vicki Barr, Melody Lane, Connie Blair, Betty Gordon, Beverly Gray, the Blythe Girls, Kay Tracey,
Ruth Fielding, The Outdoor Girls, The Campfire Girls, the Girls of Central High,
and the Girl Scouts.

The Boys

The Hardy Boys - Once again, we begin with the #1 series. Frank and Joe Hardy—The Hardy Boys— have been role models for boys everywhere since their debut in 1927.

Tom Swift - The Tom Swift series actually features two Tom Swifts, and each one is an inventor who has his own series: Tom Swift (Sr.) was begun in 1910
and Tom Swift Jr. was begun in 1954.

Chip Hilton - This young man excels at sports, and the books focus
on his adventures as he's playing football, basketball, and baseball.

Others - Other major boy series we generally have in the shop include The Rover Boys, The Three Investigators, Ken Holt, Jerry Todd, Rick Brandt, Brains Benton,
The Boy Scouts, Ted Scott, and Dave Dawson.

And More!

We also have extensive selections of The Bobbsey Twins, The Happy Hollisters,
and Honey Bunch. And if you're looking for a hard-to-find series, just ask!
We generally have at least a few books of 20-30 of the lesser-known series.